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Year 1

Term Literacy Numeracy Science History Geography Art and Design DT Music P.E R.E Computing PSHE
Autumn 1 Introduce Sunshine Writing (1 week)

Narrative (3 weeks): Stories with familiar settings.

Lists, labels and captions (1 week)

Poetry Senses (2 weeks)
Counting and – to 10 Properties of Shape   Where do, and did, the wheels on the bus go? Where do, and did, the wheels on the bus go?   Design and make a vehicle. (construction materials) Hey You! A Hip Hop Song Unit for Children Games - throwing, catching, kicking.

Gymnastics - Travelling
God's Great Plan We are storytellers. Keeping Healthy.
Autumn 2 Narrative (2 weeks): Stories from a range of cultures.

Narrative (2 weeks): Traditional Tales and Fairy Tales

Non Fiction (2 weeks) : Recount
Counting and number order
Place value and comparing quantities and numbers Developing mental strategies for - as difference and - using money
Which birds and plants would LRRH find in our park?   Where do leaves go in winter? Sketch plants and trees (Drawing skills)
William Morris (print and drawing)
  Little Angel Gets Her Wings

This Christmas unit allows the children to develop their musical learning
Sports hall athletics

Game - hitting and striking
Mary Our Mother   Keeping Safe
Spring 1 Non fiction (2 weeks): Information texts

Poetry (2 weeks): Pattern and Rhyme.

Non-Fiction (2 weeks): Recount fact and fiction.
Counting, reading and writing number patterns
Doubles and near doubles Grouping and sharing Fractions
Measures, incl. time and - to 15
Why does it get darker earlier in winter? Why is the Wii more fun than Grandmas and Grandad’s old toy?   Van Gogh’s Starry Night – recreate own night time pictures (painting) History link - Split pin toys designs. In the Groove

An easy-to-learn song that demonstrates different styles of music

Gymnastics - agility and co-ordination
Families and Celebrations We are treasure hunters. Friendships and Relationships
Spring 2 Sunshine writing (teach connectives) (1 week)

(3 weeks): Traditional and Fairy Tales.

Non-Fiction (2 weeks):
Counting and place value and - beyond totals of 10
Grouping and sharing
Shape, position and movement
Measuring and time and - totals to 10
Why are humans not like tigers?   Why can’t a meerkat live in the North pole? Hot and cold colours.
(Mixing and colour wash – painting
  Rhythm in the way we walk and Banana rap

This is a six-week Unit of Work that builds on previous learning.  
Dance- dances using simple movement patterns.

  Growing and Changing
Summer 1 Narrative (2 weeks): Stories with predictable patterned language

Sunshine Writing
Grammar and Spelling patterns

Non-Fiction (2 weeks): Information texts
totals to 10 and - to 20
Fractions x and ÷


Moving and Turning
How do the seasons impact what we do? What has changed since my Grandparents were young?
  Photographers and artists.   Round and Round

A Bossa Nova Unit for Year 1
Teams games

Resurrection   Global and Environmental
Summer 2 Narrative (4 weeks) : Stories about fantasy worlds Number and place value and – Fractions x and ÷
Time and using standard units totals to 10.
What do aliens think about life on planet earth?   Seaside   Make a fruit salad  Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Consolidate learning and perform
Games- attacking and defending.

Games- making up games.
Miracles   Economics