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Year 2

Term Literacy Numeracy Science History Geography Art and Design DT Music P.E R.E Computing PSHE
Autumn 1 Stories with familiar settings

Number and place value; and - x and ÷ Geometry;
Measures; length, mass,capacity and money
How could you be the next Jessica Ennis or Steven Gerrard?
Animals, including humans
  What would Dora the Explorer/Ben 10 find exciting about our city? Collage-penguin Design a scene with a moving penguin
Hands, Feet, Heart

A Unit which celebrates South African Music.
Throwing, catching, kicking, hitting  (coach)

Jumping and landing on the floor and off apparatus
Chosen people 2.1
We are astronauts programming on screen
Keeping Healthy
Autumn 2 Traditional Stories

Really looking
Number andplace value; and - xand÷
Fractions; Geometry; position, directionand motion
Measures; time
Data; tallies,tables and
  What were people who lived in Blackburn like 100 years ago?

  Photographs of famous landmarks/buildings
Create drawings
Pop-up Cribs Babushka

This Christmas unit allows the children to develop their musical learning 
Sports hall athletics

Games: hitting and striking
Mysteries 2.5
We are detectives
Collecting Clues
Keeping Safe
Spring 1 Different stories by the same author

Silly Stuff
Number andplace value
and -
Geometry–properties of2D
and 3Dshapes
Measures; length, mass,
capacity and money
What is our school made of?
Uses of Everyday
  An Island Home (links to LC: why do we love to be beside the seaside?) Sculpture for an island Design,plan and make a toy using a range of materials then evaluate
(wheels and axles)
Glockenspiel Stage 1

On Bongo Beach

This unit introduces the children to learning about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel.
Gymnastics: Agility and co-ordination

The Good News 2.2
We are games testers
Exploring how computer games work
Friendships and relationships
Spring 2 Information texts

Events andDates (LC2) Number andplace value
and -
Fractions Geometry
Measures; time
Statistics –tallies,tables and pictograms
How can you be the next masterchef? plants The Great Fire of London (letters)   Arcimboldo –montage (linked to book week)

Digital media: easter card
Cooking and nutrition-Healthy salad I Wanna Play In A Band

A Rock Song Unit  for children.
Dances using simple movement patterns

The Mass 2.6
We are zoologists
collecting data about bugs
Growing and Changing
Summer 1 Non-chronological reports Number andplace value
and –
Fractions Geometry
length,mass, capacity and money
  How have Florence Nightingale/Mary Seacole& Edith Cavell helped to make the world a better place?   Printing   Zootime

A Reggae Song Unit for Children
Team Games

Eastertide 2.3
We are photographers
Taking better photos
Global and Environmental
Summer 2 Extended stories
Patterns on a page
Graphs,Charts  (LC1) Number andplace value
and - xand÷ Fractions Geometry Measures; time
Statistics –tallies,tables,
pictograms andblock diagrams
Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet? All living things and their habitats.   Where would you prefer to live: England or Kenya? Re-create art from another culture African Art   Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Consolidate learning and perform - Year 2
Attacking and defending
Target games (making up own)

The Church is Born 2.4
We are researchers
Researching a topic