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Year 3

Term Literacy Numeracy Science History Geography Art and Design DT Music P.E R.E Computing PSHE
Autumn 1
(7 weeks)
Stories with familiar settings

Reading, writing and ordering 2
and 3 digit numbers
Counting and estimating
Number facts to 20 and 100
and - x and ÷
Measuring - length
Pictograms and tables
Life processes – Keeping fit and healthy (animals and humans)

How can UsainBolt move soquickly?
Stone Age – Iron Age

Who first lived in Britain?
Portraying relationships [drawing]

Cave paintings
[linked to history]
Three Little Birds.

A Reggae Music based unit Song
Games-throwing, catching, kicking, hitting.

The Christian Family We are programmers
(Programming an animation)
Keeping Healthy
Autumn 2
(7 weeks)
Language Play 


Shape Poems and Calligrams 
Counting and estimating
and - x and ÷ Fractions Time Geometry
(Physics) Forces and Magnets

Are you attractive enough?

What makes the Earth Angry?
Exploring painting

Ken Busshe
Peder Balke
Erupting Volcano

Design and make a magnetic game
Ho, ho, ho!
A Christmas based unit that builds on previous learning.
Sports hall athletics

Mary Our Mother We are bug fixers (Finding and correcting bugs in programs) Keeping Safe
Spring 1 (6 weeks) Myths and Legends

Poems to perform
Number, place value and rounding
Partitioning to and - x and divide
Measures - money
(Chemistry) Properties of Materials

What do rocks tell us about the way the Earth was formed?
Ancient Egypt

How can we rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?

Where is Egypt and what is the weather like?
Egyptian art Photo frames

Make fossils
Glockenspiel Stage 2
At Gluttonberry Festival
Unit of Work that continues to teach about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel.
Dance –creating a range of movement patterns.

Egyptian dance
Eucharist and the Mass We are presenters (videoing performance) Friendships and Relationships
Spring 2 (4,5 weeks) Information texts and -
x and ÷
Measuring – weight
Bar charts, Scales

How far can you throw your shadow?
  Locality in the UK

[map work]
Stained glass windows

JMW Turner

Rock sculptures
Moving Toy Benjamin Britten - There was a monkey

A unit based music by Benjamin Britten
Gymnastics-control and balance

Games-striking and fielding [cricket]
Called to change

Preparation for Confirmation and Holy Communion
We are network engineers (exploring computer networks, including the internet) Growing and Changing
Summer 1 (7 weeks) Authors and Letters

Adventure and mystery 
Read, write and order 2/3 digit
and -
x and ÷=
Shape – lines
Measuring – capacity

How did that blossom become an apple tree?
Medieval Lancashire

How would you
Have survived in Medieval times?

      Let your spirit fly
An R&B based unit for Children
Games -net and wall

Celebrating Easter and Pentecost We are communicators
Communicating safely on the internet)
Global and Environmental
Summer 2 (6 weeks) Dialogues and Plays and - X and divide
Bar charts

Where in the world is it sunny today?
Mediterranean style clay pot Make a Mediterranean dish [food] Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Consolidate learning and perform - Year 3
Outdoor and adventure

Invasion games -netball
Being a Christian

World faiths - Judaism
We are opinion pollsters (collecting and analysing data) Economics