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Year 4

Term Literacy Numeracy Science History Geography Art and Design DT Muic P.E R.E Computing PSHE
Autumn 1 Stories which raise issues and dilemmas (4weeks)

Information texts (3 weeks)
Time Intervals
Number, place value and rounding
Mental and - ,
x and ÷
Geometry Measures

Temperature links to Science
How would we survive without water?

States of matter.
Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?   Mosaics (Roman)   Mamma Mia
A Pop Song Unit From The 70s
Dance Creating own ideas for dances

Create a dance based on the change of the state of water.

Games - competitive games (netball)
The Bible We are musicians (Producing digital music) Keeping Healthy
Autumn 2 Plays (2 weeks)

Poetry - Creating Images (2 weeks)
and -   x and÷
Fractions Geometry
Datahandling and time
How would we survive without water? States of matter.   Where would you choose to build a city?   Christmas stockings Five Gold Rings
Christmas unit which allows the children develop their musical learning 
Games (hockey)

Sports hall athletics
Trust  in God   Keeping Safe
Spring 1 Stories set in imaginary worlds (4 weeks)

(4 weeks)

Temperature Measures Geometry

Number, place value and rounding
and- x and÷
Fractions and decimals.

Create tables, graphs as well as measures
Why is the sound that ‘One Direction’ makes enjoyed by so many?  Sound. Has Greece always been in the news?     Cooking and nutrition – Greek dip   Gymnastics - control and balance

Jesus, the Teacher We are HTML editors
(Editing and writing HTML)
Friendships and Relationships
Spring 2 Stories from other cultures (3 weeks)

Exploring form (Poetry) 2 weeks

Write a letter to parents about spending a day without electricity. 

Use of explanation texts to support their work. (SCI link)
Surveys, Population

Mental calculation
and -
x and÷
Data handling and
How could we cope without electricity for one day? Electricity   Why is Manchester a cool place to live?

Painting from Photograph

Children design and make a bridge that has a level attached so that it can open.

Children create their own water colours or washes linked to their paintings.

Steady hand game

Children design and make a game which they could play as an alternative to an electricity powered game. 
Benjamin Britten - Cuckoo

Learning is focused around one song from Benjamin Britten’s Friday Afternoons: Cuckoo!
Dance - creating a range of movement patterns

Jesus, the Saviour   Growing and Changing
Summer 1 Stories with a Historical Setting (3 weeks)

Explanation texts (2-3 weeks)

Adventure story – imagine being shrunk and being swallowed by mistake. (Link to science)
Graphs Anglo-Saxon Art – Tessellation(LC5)
Place value
and –
of measures
All 4 operations  methods
Area and Perimeter

Time intervals – looking at the journey of the chocolate through the body and graph work on food types

Surveys about why people like or dislike Manchester.
What happens to the food we eat?  Animals including humans. What secrets can Samlesbury Hall tell us about Tudor England?   Design and make a model to represent the digestive system and its working.   Lean On Me

A Soul/Gospel Music Unit based around a Song by Bill Withers
Games - net and wall (tennis)

Mission of the Church We are toy designers (Prototyping an interactive toy) Global and Environment
Summer 2 Persuasive texts (adverts) (3 weeks)

Develop fact files about wild flowers and endangered animals
Mental calculations
and -

2D shapes, angles and coordinates

Classification of plants and birds leading to graphs and tables
Which wild animals and plants thrive in your locality?   Living things and their habitats.     Taking photographs of flowers Georgia O’Keefe develop pencil sketches from photographs and paint in water colour or acrylic.

Design and make a bird box which will be used to help attract birds around school
  Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Consolidate your learning and perform - Year 4
Outdoor and adventure

Belonging to the Church   Economics