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Year 5

Term Literacy Numeracy Science History Geography Art & Design DT Music P.E R.E Computing PSHE
Autumn 1 Myths

Place value, written method for addition and subtraction, geometry and measure. Will we ever send another human to the moon?

Earth and Space
  Why is Brazil in the news again?   Moon Buggy Don't Stop Believin'

A Rock Anthem unit based on the song  from the 80s by Journey
Games – competitive games (tag rugby)
Creation We are game developers Keeping Healthy
Autumn 2 Significant

Choral and Performance Poetry
Time and time tables, written method for multiplication and division, fractions, area, roman numerals and negative numbers. Can you feel the force?

How did the Victorian period help to shape the Lancashire we know today?   Art of a particular period
Victorians , William Morris
  Bells Ring Out
This is an unit  10 contrasting songs, which – along with the linking narrative – tell the Christmas story.

Sports Hall Athletics
The Commandments   Keeping Safe
Spring 1 Older Literature

Classic Poems
Addition and subtraction problems, written methods of multiplication, length, mass, capacity, translation, reflection, angles. Could you be thenext CSI investigator?

Properties and Changes of Materials
  Why should the rainforest be important to all of us? Clay Tiles – create a tile using the large leaves of rainforest plants as your inspiration.   Classroom Jazz 1
This is an unit based on Three Note Bossa and The Five Note Swing.

Gymnastics – flexibility and strength
Inspirational people We are  artists Friendships and Relationships
Spring 2 Poetic Style

Film Narrative
Written methods of division, 2D and 3D shapes, calculating with fractions. Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?     Create a model Anglo – Saxon settlement. Benjamin Britten - A Tragic Story
All the learning is focused around one song from Benjamin Britten’s Friday Afternoons: A Tragic Story

Dance – Creating a range of movement patterns
Reconciliation   Growing and Changing
Summer 1 Stories from other cultures

Place value, area and volume, statistics and measure, fractions, time, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Do all animals and plants start life as an egg?
Living Things and their
  How do we map our world? Animals through art:

Andy Warhol & Jonathan Saunders.
An unit based around one song: Stop! - a rap/song about bullying

Games – striking and fielding (rounders
Life in the Risen Jesus We are web developers Global and Environment
Summer 2 Persuasion Geometry, place value, written calculations, fractions, measures, area and volume of shape. How different will you be when you are as old as your grandparents?
Animals, including humans
Why was the Islamic Civilization around 900AD known as the ‘Golden Age’?     Cooking Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Consolidate  learning in  Year 5

Outdoor and Adventure
People of other Faiths

Islam World Religions Unit