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At St Peter’s Primary School, we are committed to meeting the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum for Maths, where we strive to ensure that all children become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics, can reason mathematically, and can solve problems by applying their Mathematics. At the heart of Mathematical success is Arithmetic, which involves a secure understanding of number and rapid recall of facts. It is this secure comprehension that leads to the development of successful reasoning and problem-solving skills. We understand the need for those who are not sufficiently fluent to consolidate their understanding before moving on.

At St Peter’s RC Primary School, we therefore fully support the fundamental importance that Arithmetic, Reasoning and Problem Solving have in growing confident, resilient Mathematicians. We embed these skills throughout our maths lessons and develop them consistently over time. In Foundation Stage, we endeavour to meet the requirements of the mathematics section of the Statutory Framework for EYFS, where a love for number and numerical patterns is fostered and developed.


Maths is taught using White Rose Maths. We also use Mastering Number in Reception, Year 1 and 2 to embed their number sense. Children from Year 2 onwards can access Times Table Rockstars in school and at home to embed their knowledge of times tables.